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This is the only other desktop metronome I know of with bounce visuals where the ball moves faster at the bottom of the bounce there are many that have lights or a ball that move up and down at constant speed. The Accelerating Metronome - Beep metronome with gradually changing tempo. Also has a Tap at Tempo feature. Free version and Shareware Version for Tap at Tempo and configurable beeps. Odd time signatures and additive measures, especially of interest for Eastern European folk music. You can set a measure of any number of beats, with emphasis on any beats you like in the measure.

Choice of midi instruments, custom measures and custom emphasis. Desktop Metronome - Shareware, 14 day trial. Metronome from the Guitar on-line website - Shareware with free trial. DMetro - Shareware , original site no longer exists,. Tone Metronome - Shareware 30 day trial. Javtronome metronome - Donationware, wood block sound, tap for tempo.

Enable Metronome - Shareware. MundoBeat - Shareware, Original web site no longer exists. Wayback archive for MuseBook Metronome - Shareware. MetroBus - Freeware, original site no longer exists.

I made a Touch Metronome macOS app. : apple

Orange Metronome - Shareware. Fine Metronome. D'Accord Metronome. Crystal Metronome. Groove Box. There are several metronomes listed at sourceforge see: Search results for metronome. Open Metronome. Flamenco Metronome.

Bell Metronome. See separate page: Visual metronomes also suitable for deaf musicians.

Jump to: Retrieved from " http: You're not alone here, but maybe you don't want to be on the wrong side of market forces. This is useful information and I must admit, I hadn't considered it from that point of view, thanks. I will add some more features to make it a more attractive proposition and then re release. uses cookies.

It's a real shame that the App Store is so gimped and doesn't allow paid upgrades, it's such an obvious flaw. The window makes it look like everything is equal priority, but "selecting a sound" is something I'll do once in my life, while "setting the tempo" is something I'll do every time I interact with it.

A link to the author's email is something I'll likely never use sorry , but it's taking up about as much space as the volume control. Think about it in terms of user workflows, not just a list of features to be provided. Unnecessary precision also makes it more difficult to use.

Big list of Windows and Online Metronomes

I've never seen any piece of music at bpm. I don't need a slider on the TouchBar with 1bpm precision, either. Metronomes have a standard set of tempos , which almost all music uses. The slider could be a fun way to set it, too, as long as it snaps to standard tempos. Same with the volume: Apple wisely decided that 16 increments of volume are perfectly fine.

Your volume slider appears to have Look at the Sound system prefs panel, and just copy what they do. They don't even provide a number, because unlike tempo it's meaningless. Thanks for your feedback. I disagree with some of your points but I understand where you're coming from. Thanks again.

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  • Music Software: Metronomes, Free (Hitsquad).

Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit Link. Metronome comes with two sounds, a snare rimshot for the click and a cow bell for the bell, but you can change the sounds to any ones you want using the Preferences. Discover New Mac Apps. Mac Update. Promo Desktop Apps for you Blog.

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Metronomes, Free

Create new account. Metronome 1. Highly configurable, easy to use metronome for musicians. Metronome has been discontinued. Follow This App. Top community discussions about Metronome Is there a better alternative to Metronome? See discussion Is Metronome really the best app in Music category? See discussion Will Metronome work good on macOS See discussion. Version 1. Metronome now begins immediately when started. Fixed a bug where bar counting during acceleration became erratic.