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Mac OS X OpenCL is supported. OS X AirDrop is supported. Power Nap is not supported. Core System CPU: 2. Apple changed the entire MacBook lineup on Tuesday.

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How do close-out prices compare to the new ones? Tips on preventing theft, securing your data, and recovering from a lost, stolen, or broken notebook.

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The bitness of Mac OS X Although Apple is promoting Snow Leopard as a fully bit operating system, it defaults to running in bit mode. Personal computers started with 8-bit CPUs, Macs started out with a bit operating system, and bit computing is starting to give way to 64 bits. Are close-out MacBooks a better value than the new models? There are great prices on previous gen MacBooks, new and refurbished, but the June models have lots to offer as well.

Apple promised improved CPU efficiencies when it announced the move to Intel in Three years of MacBooks show the progress. What is Safe Sleep mode? Which Macs support it? How can you enable or disable it? And more. Safe Sleep mode is enabled by default on modern MacBooks. How it works, and how to change how it works. Hackintosh Dell Mini worth it?

Camino pros and cons, notebook video reliability, overheating since Compact hubs from Targus and Proporta make a great complement to your notebook computer. Each accepts a third-party AC adapter to provide bus power. When the power goes out, a notebook computer with long-lasting batteries lets you keep working for hours and hours.

DisplayPort supports multiple displays, combines audio and video on one cable, and costs nothing to use.


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The large glass trackpad is a joy to use in many ways, but it can be frustrating for longtime notebook users and has issues with Boot Camp. Most users encounter no problems using Software Update, but some preflight work and using the Combo updater means far less chance of trouble. The October MacBooks are preventing users from viewing some high-def iTunes content from being viewed on their external displays. Poor form! Hard Drive Capacity.

MacBook Pro (Early 2008)

Product Identifiers. Product Family. Special Features. MacBook "Core 2 Duo" 2.

October 14, Disc. June 8, All proceeds go to charity: The Blind Center of Nevada! Benefits charity. Office included.

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The macbook is in good used condition. It has been tested and works well.


The only issue known is that the macbook needs to be plugged in to outlet in order to run. A new battery should fix this. The specs and wear are shown in pictures. The purple item shown is a bag for the macbook, not protective case. Feel free to ask more questions!

Series: T Model: MacBook A 13" Early Size: 80gb. Type: DDR2. Type: Core 2 Duo. Notes: Normal wear from use. Scratches and scuffs on unit. COO China. It passed Tech Tools Pro 11 with flying colors see picture. CS4 versions on all. Microsoft Office. Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Mac OSX Version Battery is original and has never been replaced. The Black a is a rare unit to find and this one is in very good condition and is ready for use. Comes with new replacement batter 0 cycles. Macbook Laptop 5,1.

Used condition. Works Perfect! Excellent Condition! Apple Macbook Core 2 Duo 2.

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Model: A It does not include a Firewire "" port. You will receive a reply shortly between the working hours am - pm. Results Pagination - Page 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7. Got one to sell? What is the outer casing are these laptops made from? What kind of technical specifications does the MacBook feature? What sort of peripherals did Apple MacBooks include?

When wired into a laptop, data can be transferred quickly in real time to another connected device like an external hard drive.