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Software only works when I run it manually.

Backup and Restore mailboxes using Outlook 2011 for Mac

I would like it to run automatically and have set a daily schedule. But everyday I check, the archive function has not run. Our UI simply writes a configuration for the process to a config file in this location. One nuance and this is driven by limitations in Outlook is our software actively blocks two processes operating on the Outlook mailbox for data safety reasons. You need to quite the configuration application so that the schedule will run. If the scheduler launches and finds another instance running it will immediately quit as that instance may be in an active manual run or modifying Outlook.

You can certainly move the tool between machines. See the User Guide section for an article on uninstalling or migrating the configuration files. The licensing is per machine so you can deactivate your current licence within the tool on the Licence Tab and then re-activate on the new machine as you would a fresh install. It does not offer a programming interface or export function so we were not able to support this from our tool. You will have to manually move over the database to the new machine. Any problems please contact our support email. Sorry for late reply.

Yes you can copy the profile database from machine to machine and the tool can be moved too. So I purchased the license and ran an archive; But the instructions on where the archive is located are confusing. What happens in a restore situation? So my Mac blows up and I need to restore the Outlook archive data your tool has created.

I launch Outlook, reconnect to my Exchange account, and then restore using time machine the archived data to the original location? Is it possible to restore just the archive data your tool processed and not the entire profile? I would rather have Exchange pull everything down and just restore the archive data for local access.

The only way to achieve that is to enable cloud archiving feature and push your mail in to an IMAP cloud account. Then after your mac blows up you simple add back your exchange and cloud archive account and it will pull all mail down to the local cache. Michael, does each archive create a new archive file, or are they added to the existing file?

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Assuming there is a single archive file, if I have added or deleted folders since the previous archive, how is that handled? Thank you.

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  5. Hi Bill, Outlook has a single database comprised of many files. This is a logical location within the Outlook database. You can add or delete folders there as much as you like. To backup your outlook database which also includes your online mail account caches you can use time capsule or manual methods. Michael, new to Outlook for Mac but am a heavy email user for business.

    1. Create Outlook Mac Archive ( OLM ) File in Outlook 2016

    Will your archiver work in moving these files to Dropbox? You could use time machine or other backup tools to backup your local Outlook database referred to as an Identity by Microsoft. The advantage of this is your mail is accessible and searchable via Outlook or the web interface of mail.

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    Guides and how-to posts for common, and some not so common, computer problems. Firstly, we need to discern which emails will be labeled as those we are to archive Secondly, we need to process these emails and export them from Outlook Lastly, after importing this mail back into Outlook, we need to delete the mail from your inbox to free the space. To do so follow these steps, again, use the screenshots to guide yourself through: 1.

    Archive messages in Outlook for Mac

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    When you create an Outlook archive, you move selected email messages and other information from the server to your laptop. A copy of this information is not retained on the server. The archive is saved as a file to a location on your laptop that you specify. You can do this either manually or automatically e. Outlook does not archive email by default. You must enable this feature.