Bmw configurator does not work on mac

Time proved Jobs was right on target. Flash has been abandoned by many sites in favor of supported technologies such as HTML5 or by providing their own custom app.

BMW 1 Series.

Here is Steve Jobs official comment on his momentous decision to omit Flash from iDevices: Steve Jobs on Flash. Here is Adobe's later announcement to cease development of Flash for mobile devices: Adobe on Mobile Flash.


Adobe is not providing Flash for Apple iOS devices, and they no longer provide Flash for any other cellular phones. Flash is officially gone. Now, you are not necessarily out on a limb. There are some apps that can display some Flash, but don't count on there ability to display anything using Flash. Also, note that many sites that use Flash provide their own app for accessing their material.

So check with your favorite sites and find out if "there's an app for that. Download the Facebook app from the iTunes Store. Sign in with your Facebook ID and Password and you won't require flash to play videos. Jun 27, 7: Page content loaded.

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Are you interested in configuring your ideal BMW? Please select a country to visit the configurator in the Virtual Center or contact your local BMW dealer who will be happy to answer all your questions about the BMW model you are interested in.

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Jun 27, I don't use Facebook they want to much personal information. I know this is off topic, but I have a new Macbook Pro too. I listen to Leo Laporte on weekends here in LA he does a great tech show. While he is a big Mac fan, he was very critical last weekend of Snow Leopard being sold as a new operating system. He said most people will see no difference from Leopard, and the only benefits will accrue whenever new software applications come out that it will handle.


There is no such software out there now, and furthermore, some existing software won't work with Snow Leopard. His advice: But I'm not going to bother for a while given that it doesn't appear to provide any tangible benefits.

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