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It has two analog controllers so I'm not sure what advantage the DX6i will bring, other than that I can use it to fly a real RC plane!

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Aug 29th, , PM. Tip: you don't have to turn on the DX6i. Just plug in the jack in the back.

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My adapter cable has a poor design since it sticks directly out the back; placing the controller on the table places the weight on the cable. It would have been better if the jack had been L-shaped directing the cable to the side.

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Minor quibble. The set up works well though I've had to re-configure it a couple of times. Seems to work best if the DX6i is connected before starting Aerofly, and unplugged after quitting. Fun times! Feb 21st, , AM. Aug 9th, , PM.

I just purchased the Aerofly 7 simulator for MacBook Air and installed it. I checked with the upgraded versions and cannot find a Carbon Z Cub or anything close to it in size. Did I possibly miss it? If not, could someone suggest what might be a close representation of the Carbon Z Cub. I was using an older version HP Presario CQ56 Win7 version and installed Phoenix 5, but to be blunt, it sucked because of starting and stopping, jerky motions, lag time to movement of controls, and screen fading.

My son-in-law, someone who is quite knowledgeable in software, said to forget the crap and buy an inexpensive, new CPU and dedicate it to the flight simulator program. Trouble is, Phoenix doesn't seem to advertise an upgrade or work with Win I don't know anything about RealFlight but want something that will give me good experience in sim flying to improve my efforts in real life. The Phoenix was great when it worked but Do any of you have suggestions? I would like to find a program that has a Carbon Z Cub and Dynam Waco included in the list of planes.


Thoughts and suggestions greatly appreciated. Hobby Squawk v2 English US. All rights reserved. Yes No. Panoramas - 3 included. Photo realistic venue with only one flying site. There are also folders for Favorites and Recently visited and preview folders for the scenery found in the Pro and Ultimate versions. Four of the six fields provided with the Standard version have what the manual notes as 'contests'. I call them tasks or skill building experiences.

AeroFly RC7 Review & Summary:

Only Balloon popping, Limbo flying, and Landing contest are available in some sceneries in the Standard version. There are also indicators as to whether a winch or helper is available to launch a sailplane. If a sailplane winch or helper is not available at a particular venue, the keys J and H can be used to launch a sailplane from two different heights or the mouse can be used to raise the aircraft to hand launch height. Right clicking on any part of the active scenery brings up a Quick launch menu of the most frequently used functions available at that venue.

Sometimes their default placement makes them difficult to see.

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In-flight Information: Binoculars - shows a close up view of the plane's attitude Flight information - shows the aircraft's ground speed, height above ground level AGL , elevation above sea level ASL , distance the aircraft is away from the observation point, and FPS frames per second. Transmitter - shows a close up view of the transmitter stick movement Model functions - shows available extra functions such as retracts, flaps, smoke, etc.

Console - window position is fixed in the lower left corner of the screen. It shows information on the currently chosen camera mode and also on the next steps. I did't find it useful. Your field of vision is what you see when you are looking at something. Your focus is best in the center of the field of vision and the diminishes on objects towards the periphery. All of the following are found in the View menu or one of its sub-menus.

The field of vision, how large the area is that the user is focusing on, can be set in the sub-menu Camera Settings or by using specified keys to increase or decrease the field of vision. The scroll roller on a mouse can also be used to change the field of vision. This is NOT documented in the manual. The V and B keys may be used to select alternate aircraft starting positions at a given venue.

Fixed view mode is the typical RC flying view. Follow mode , Pivot mode , and Cockpit mode are available with 4D scenery for just 'playing around'. For the model planes in the Standard version, Follow and Cockpit view were the same. Cockpit view may only apply when a full-scale plane is selected. There were no full-scale planes in the Mac Standard version.

The aircraft's position can be changed by placing the cursor over the aircraft, notating the cursor change and then dragging the mouse. This is very handy for hand launching.

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The advanced options allow and assign functions to specific switches, buttons and sliders on the transmitter or keyboard. Dual rates and expo can also be set up or the ones from a real transmitter used. Up to four different transmitter configurations can be saved. There are special notes for using the throttle channel with helicopters and gliders.

FMS RC Flight Simulator

For fun, a second controller can be attached for a second player. When a second plane is added, the default is to split the screen vertically. That can be changed to splitting the screen horizontally or having no split screen by selecting Menu View, Splitscreen, None. The sub-menus includes a 3D torque trainer and helicopter hover trainer in the Pro and Ultimate versions.

The 'contests' or skills were previously noted in the scenery section. The symbols on the scenery thumbnail denote what Extras are available at a given venue. The Winch launch or helper and Dynamic Soaring are available in the Standard version. I found it easiest to get to the Setup screens using the Quick Launch method of right clicking on the scenery and choosing settings.

It allows the user to choose the time of day, weather, visibility conditions, and cloud details. Presets may also be selected. The wind field can also be displayed over the scenery. The Wind window can be opened directly in the Quick Launch menu. The Graphics settings window may also be opened using the Quick Launch, Settings.

All of the quality settings of the graphics may be adjusted in this window. High-dynamic-range HDR rendering for the 4D sceneries can be toggled on and off here. Only Virtual is available in the Standard version. There are two inflight positioning indicators available, Position and Flightpath, that provide a means of locating the plane.