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Run the software. Insert your disc to the hard drive and load the disc by clicking "DVD Disc" on the top left. The DVD will load immediately and Output Profile window will pop up, giving access to select output format. Step 2 : Select output profile. Click "Done". It also works for other new DVD movies.


Any illegal reproduction or distribution of copyrighted content is not encouraged here. Please abide by your local DVD copyright low before doing so. The app also allows for multiple users, so you can store results for multiple people. The app contains a list of the workouts involved, giving the times for each workout. We've also included a Graph screen, where you can view your progress of weight or measurements in a graphical view. And lastly there is a settings screen where you can add new users, edit existing users and also set what units you would like to use in the app when logging weight and measurements.

Our apps are continually growing, we'll be adding new features with each update, if there is anything you would like to see in the next update, then please drop us an email at support pinnacleapps. This feature can be disabled at any time from within the HealthKit app, under Sources. Find, download, and install iOS apps safely from the App Store. Please Wait.

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Submit Your Reply. Summary: Count: 0 of 1, characters Submit cancel The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited. Thank You for Submitting a Reply,! Note that your submission may not appear immediately on our site. Yes, you must first purchase the 2B Mindset program before you will be allowed to enroll in the 2B Mindset Certification course since we will be referencing content presented in the 2B Mindset Program. The workbook is full of valuable information that will not only help you prepare for the practical exam, but help you succeed as a 2B Mindset Mentor—all in a go-anywhere digital format!

Yes, the exam must be completed in one sitting. There is no way to save your work and resume the exam at a later time. If you exit the exam before completing and submitting your answers, your progress will be lost and considered incomplete, and you will not be deemed an authorized 2B Mindset Mentor.

You will need to start the exam over when you have time to complete it in one sitting. We recommend that you go back and review your course materials before attempting to take the exam again. Your 2B Mindset Mentor status is valid for 12 months from the date you receive confirmation from Beachbody LIVE that you successfully passed the practical exam. After the initial month period, your 2B Mindset Mentor status will expire and you will need to enroll in and successfully complete the 2B Mindset Certification course again in order to keep your Mindset Mentor status active.

Yes, there is. While your Mindset Mentor status is active, you will have the opportunity to join our premium monthly membership program, the 2B Mindset Master Team, which will keep your 2B Mindset Mentor status active beyond the initial month period for as long as you remain a Master Team member. If you cancel your Master Team membership after the month initial term of your 2B Mindset Mentor certification, or simply do not join the Master Team at all, your status as a certified 2B Mindset Mentor will expire at the end of the initial month period and you will have to purchase a new enrollment in the 2B Mindset Certification course at the then-current advertised price.

This Certification course is specific to the 2B Mindset program, which means you are getting authorized to instruct and provide support to others only on the 2B Mindset program.

As a certified 2B Mindset Mentor, you will have the knowledge to help people be more successful with the 2B Mindset program. You will also have the ability to lead 2B Mindset Challenge Groups and accountability groups, and you can charge reasonable fees for your services as a 2B Mindset Mentor. Becoming a certified 2B Mindset Mentor gets you access to various promotional and marketing materials provided by Beachbody that you can use to advertise yourself and your services.

You will also have access to a professionally designed 2B Mindset Mentor e-Badge that you can post on your personal website s and social media page s. Additionally, you will have the option to join the 2B Mindset Master Team, a monthly membership program that includes access to a much larger variety of professionally designed marketing materials.

Some of these materials may include social media tiles, customizable business cards and customizable fliers that you can print and distribute. Beachbody does not encourage charging fees for services as a Mindset Mentor due to overlapping laws, rules and regulations which significantly regulate this activity. However, we understand that registered dietitians and nutritionists are allowed to charge for services and that some jurisdictions may not restrict you from doing so. Accordingly, if you do choose to charge for any 2B Mindset mentoring services, you will be doing so at your own risk and liability.

You may not cancel your enrollment in 2B Mindset Certification after you have accessed the practical exam. By joining the Master Team, you will have online access to:. The monthly content includes instructional and informational videos, new recipes designed to work in conjunction with the 2B Mindset program, social media tools, seasonal survival guides, coaching tools and insight on the latest health and wellness trends. You will also have ongoing access to marketing materials and the exclusive Master Team community group.

You can download and print the materials on your own printer or send them to your local printer. The first payment covers your first two months of Master Team membership. For example, if you sign up on March 1, you will pay two months up front March and April and will not be not charged again until May 1, and then again on the 1st of each month thereafter until you cancel.

By default, your 2B Mindset Mentor status is valid for twelve 12 months from the date you successfully complete the 2B Mindset Certification exam and become an authorized Mindset Mentor. You can extend the length of your Mindset Mentor status by being a Master Team member. If You are a Master Team member when Your Mindset Mentor status expires, and you are current with all Master Team membership fees and in good standing as a Mindset Mentor, then your Mindset Mentor status will automatically extend for as long as you remain a Master Team member.

If You are not an active Master Team member when your Mindset Mentor status expires, then you will no longer be authorized as a Mindset Mentor and you will have to take the 2B Mindset Certification course and successfully pass the exam again. Providing anybody else access to your Master Team account or the Master Team materials and content could result in disciplinary action, including suspension or termination of your Master Team membership.

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During this time, you will not have access to your Master Team content until payment is received. If you do not settle your account within two 2 weeks of your first missed payment, your Master Team subscription will automatically be cancelled which could also potentially affect your Mindset Mentor status if you are extending it by being a Master Team member. Should you choose to rejoin Master Team at a later time, you will need to sign up as a new Master Team member. Once your cancellation is processed, you will be removed from Master Team and not charged further.

If you decide to cancel, we recommended that you call and let us know at least five 5 business days before your next billing date to ensure that you will not be billed for the next month.

Yes, you can rejoin Master Team as long as your Mindset Mentor status is active, but each time you rejoin you will need to sign up as a new member. Remember, if your Mindset Mentor status has expired and you are not a Master Team member, you will need to enroll in and successfully complete the 2B Mindset Certification course again before you can join Master Team. As of January 1, , you will no longer have access to your online content for these formats and you will no longer be authorized to teach these formats.

Yes, you will have access to any Rounds you have purchased through December 31, No, there will be no new PRO Team content posted for either of these formats moving forward. You will receive your last Country Heat Bonus content on November 5, Effective November 1, you will no longer be billed your monthly PRO Team fee, however, you will still have access to all of your content and the ability to purchase any previous Rounds through December 31, No new styles will be added at this time. Yes, all Beachbody LIVE apparel orders placed on or before April 10, , will be fulfilled and shipped to the address provided during checkout.

All products can be returned for any reason within the money-back guarantee time frame for a full refund, less shipping and handling, by filling out our simple online form.

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Once the warehouse receives the returned package and the refund is approved, Beachbody will issue a refund for your return within a few days of receiving your package. The funds will be posted back to the credit card used on the original order and you'll get a refund confirmation email within 24 hours of the refund being processed. Because all remaining Beachbody LIVE apparel has been moved to clearance, no further discounts will apply on any purchases made between now and April 10, Beachbody LIVE is currently reviewing all options available to us so that we can continue to provide our instructors with the apparel they love.

Although we don't have a time frame as to when this will be, we are hoping it will be soon. You may not manufacture, create, or distribute any merchandise that is not for personal use. While there will not be a new line of Beachbody LIVE apparel launching at Summit this year, remaining inventory from previous years will be available at Coach Summit No, your PRO Team membership fee will not be affected by this change.

You will continue to be billed at your normal rate each month. Skip to content Menu. Where can I teach my classes once I am trained? What materials will I receive before my Instructor Training to help me prepare? What if there are no workshop locations close to me? What if I cannot attend the full workshop session? What should I bring with me to my Instructor Training workshop?

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