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To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. I know I have an active internet connection, enough funds, and enough space on my ipod touch. So what's the problem and what can I do about it?


Posted on Mar 3, PM. Update: The game is fixed! If you don't have Techno Kitten, please download. If you bought the Dream pack, you can download the Mega Pack for no extra charge if you use the same iTunes account.

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You will be prompted to "buy" the pack again, but once it connects to the store you will be able to download it again free of charge, since you already paid for it. Posted on Mar 28, AM. Page content loaded. Mar 3, PM. Sorry it took a few days to get back to you - the first time I wrote, I got held up in the peoplepc folder, and the validation link didn't work.

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So I hope you get this! It is not your device or account.

The packs should be back to normal after march 20th, and the new Ron English pack will be available. When they are fixed you should be able to get all packs with no problems. So sorry for the wait, we had an issue with itunes connect and the update to fix it takes ten days to approve. The next year, on March 27, , another free update was released for the Xbox Indie Games version of the game, which included another new level called the Popaganda Pack. The new pack featured famous works by English, such as Grin and McSupersize turned into Kittehs for the game. The level introduced sequences such as blurring the screen almost entirely, flashing the hazards on and off, waving the screen, making the player slower, and covering the screen with inverted polka dots.

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The Nyan Cat Pack also features original artwork made specifically for the level as well as new gameplay elements such as the screen flipping upside-down during play. The game originally contained a playable Nyan Cat as of July 15, but it was removed due to legal issues. These issues have since been resolved and Nyan Cat is set to make his return to the game in the summer of Screenshots released prior to the game's June 7 launch date include a new version of the original scene, a Heaven level with chubby pink cupid cat, and a Center of the Earth level featuring a cat with bat wings.

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Since its initial release, Techno Kitten Adventure has been one of the top downloaded and top rated games on the Xbox Live Indie Games market. Mark our words. Although the game was created and developed in America, due to the international accessibility of Xbox Live Indie Games , Techno Kitten Adventure is covered by gaming outlets in Germany [18] and the UK. The account interacts with fans and tweets in catspeak, similar to the grammatical patterns and purposeful misspellings originally developed on 4Chan and popularized by images found on I Can Has Cheezburger.

In the next segment, weather and lifestyle anchor Jillian Reynolds could be heard off camera saying "Bring back the techno kittens!

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Passers by received Techno Kitten stickers and an opportunity to try out the game on iPad. While watching the Kitten Dancers outside E3, a cameraman was quoted as saying "Techno Kitten Adventure is now my most wanted game. Their presence was noted by G4's Attack of the Show as they displayed one of the "rocket cats" that were sold at the convention. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived from the original on April 25, Retrieved May 27, The Paramus Post.

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