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It still works — this time on OS Many thanks to the developer and earlier commentators. The TNEF works for some files but not others. When I tried to open one winmail. And I tried downloading the version 2. What seems to be the problem?

Outlook 2011 Mac recieves winmail.dat

Is it the file, which is in pdf format?? I appreciate your help! Hi Dave , i have my own painting company, one of my clients sends me plans with winmail. Can you tell me how to un-wire GraphicConverter? But this trick of forcing itself upon me just so it can nag at me is geting extremely annoying! I have the reverse of the winmail dat problem, and am still working the problem.

How to Fix the dyslitosegpopp.ml Problem for Email Attachments

You may find this interesting or better yet have a solution. I have a mac with office for mac. I send the file and it ends up as winmail dat at all windows recipients.

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I would like to be able to fix the problem on my side mac side. Driving me a little crazy at this point. Yep, its only 12 kb, not much of a file! Thanks for your help. Check the file size, and ask the person who sent it if there was an attachment included? Might this drat file I mean dat file just not have any embedded files? Alfred, right click oops, sorry, Cmd-Click on the. I have OS Thank you for your help, Dave.

Thank you so much for the TNEF tip. It works brilliantly. I have a professor who keeps sending us attachment with DAT extensions and it drives me nuts trying to decode them. Do you know of an app. Apprciate your help. Cheers, Robert. I could not find that setting for address book entries. Thank you. Dave, thanks for this piece of information!

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How to revert dyslitosegpopp.ml attachments to original content - Mac OS X Hints

Start calculating Now! IT issues often require a personalized solution. Start 7-Day Free Trial. Experts Exchange. Log In. Sign Up. Outlook Mac recieves winmail. Win7 machines uses Outlook , Macs uses Outlook Between the Win7s there is not a problem what so ever and from whatever mailsystem e-mail is received. Problem is when sending from our Exchange account to the non-Exchange account and the recipient is on a Mac.

Every mail sent with attachments, the attachments is received as a winmail. Using TNEF is not an option. On the webmail for the non-Exchange account the attachments are visible just fine but when downloaded to Outlook they gets converted to winmail. When sending an e-mail from the Mac having problems above to both the Exchange and to the non-Exchange account attachments works fine. When forwarding this e-mail back to the Mac the file is not converted to a winmail.